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Our Mission

Three Tees mission is to offer alternative golf inspired gear, with innovative designs for all golf enthusiasts to show their love for the game both on, and off the course.

Our Story 

Brothers to Business Partners -  The Idea for Three Tees Golf was developed by triplet brothers, two of whom are identical and one being fraternal. This represents who we are, and captures the inspiration behind our brand and designs. 

Why Us - We grew up on a family farm across the state of Oregon.  We are home grown, athletes, family men and love to get a round in every chance we get. We are an All American brand that represents golfers of all ages and abilities. We want to bring apparel that is classically on trend, and also affordable. Our friends and family have supported us by sporting our gear all across the country. Add us on social media to watch us grow and share your Three Tees experiences with us! 




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